The Presenters

mansheadMartha Monahan is the founder and Director of Rising Stars. Martha is also the Executive Director of Northeast Montessori Institute and has been involved in teacher training since the inception of NMI in 1984. Martha conducts Early Childhood courses in Massachusetts, and in 1999 established the first AMS affiliated certification course in mainland China, where she continues her work as a consultant and teacher trainer. Martha holds an AMI Early Childhood certificate from the Toronto Montessori Institute along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development and Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Holistic Education. Martha is currently serving on the Board of the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE).

mansheadClaudine Campanelli holds a BA in Speech – Language Pathology and Audiology, an AMI 0-3 diploma, a MBA, a Masters in Human Resources and is currently finishing her doctorate program at LIU. Her current research is focusing on infant/toddler language development and the impact ambient language has on development in multi-age classrooms. She has worked in Montessori settings for the last eighteen years around the world as a teacher and school administrator. She opened the first full day AMI 0-3 program in both Australia (1999) and India (2014). She has presented at local, state, national and international conferences regarding various Montessori topics, leadership and management, infant/toddler language development, Practices and Perceptions of Play in infant/toddler Montessori Classrooms and Peace Education.

mansheadMisse Carolan obtained her AMI primary certification at the Montessori Institute of Atlanta in 1978. Throughout her teaching career she has introduced the Montessori philosophy into a variety of educational settings. In addition to working in preschool environments, she has worked as a behavior analytical technician with children with autism, and as a clinical specialist with children with behavior and emotion disorders. Misse holds a BA in psychology and a MS in Educational Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Southern Maine. Misse has presented at many AMS National Conferences, is a consultant with New England Early Childhood Associates (NEECA) and has proudly been an instructor with NMI since 1992. She resides in southern Maine.

mansheadJeanine K. Fitzgerald draws on more than 35 years of professional experience to empower teachers and parents to achieve more with children “at risk.” Jeanine is a certified Human Behavior Consultant and Specialist, and Owner of The Fitzgerald Institute of Lifelong Learning. With experience as a certified teacher, mental health professional and mother of three grown children, she understands the promise of every child, as well as the diversity of their needs. As a speaker, consultant and master trainer, Jeanine has worked with thousands of children, professionals and parents across the country. As an author, Jeanine has published The Dance of Interaction and a national training program entitled Education with Insight. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her second and third books, Educating the Heart and Through the Eyes of A Child. Jeanine has appeared on public television in four states, and currently has air time in her home state of Massachusetts. In addition, Jeanine has taught at the college level and presented on the campuses of The University of Rhode Island, Bryant University, Lyndon State College, and Harvard University. She is recognized on the federal level as an approved trainer in the fields of education, disabilities and mental health [to contact Ms. Fitzgerald:].

mansheadLinda Seeley has two great interests and commitments in her life that are second only to her family. These are her commitment to the Montessori professional field, and her dedication to and support of Peace and Earth Education. Linda is extremely active in these areas and has presented workshops to Montessori schools in both the private and public sectors. Linda is a founding instructor for NMI and teachers Practical Life, Language, Art, and Peace Education. She also served as Co-chair for an AMS National Conference. Linda has also been a founding teacher of two schools, serving children from Toddler through middle school. After over thirty years as a lead teacher in a Children’s House classroom, Linda now is a consultant for several schools where she does classroom observations, staff development, parent education and school consultations. Recently, she has done some work for Head Start. In addition, Linda is a partner in an education business called Master Class Materials. She has written and had published two books, titled: Spring Tea, a Celebration of Grace and Courtesy and Maria Montessori, a biography by and for children.